Whidbey Island A's

1928-1931 Ford Model A Club
Whidbey Island WA

Welcome!  Whidbey Island Ford Model A Club     

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Whidbey Island Ford Model A Club.  Here you will find pictures, updated roster of club members, and a calendar of events for upcoming events and meetings.  Feel free to contact us for any information about our club.  Thanks for visiting.

 Feel free to post your own pictures in the photo gallery, videos and comments about your Ford Model A.  Just Sign up and become a member of our site.  Click Here To register.

Happy Model A Days 2023

Model A Tour coming to Whidbey Island

PACIFIC NORTHWEST TOUR – May 9 to 26, 2022 – Model A Touring Club See photos in photo Gallery! Great group of Model A;ers!!!

It's Model A Time!!

Now we're talking!!

 Have a Safe 2023!!

International Model A Ford Day Sept.16, 2023 Get them A's out and about!!!

Time for the A's and critters  to  ride in 2023!

"Walter says get your A's  Out and About 2023!!

Wishing All Model A Owners a  Safe and Fun 2023!

Red Rag Gang! and Model A's

Whidbey Island A's in the News

This is a Great Idea  For her Birthday Maybe! 1928-31 of course!!

That was a long drive in a Model "A"!!

Nice Shorts 2014 Puyallup National Meet

2014 National Meet Puyallup WA

Ford says it All!!

Portland Model A's Visit Whidbey Island  Camp Casey Stop Over,Food & Fun

Personal Parking  Carries his own sign with him??

Look who made it to "Sillyville",Nice Job Jerry!! RIP Jerry 2018

The Quilt- Don't Come Home Without It Jerry!! So He Won it!!

Need some Model A Repair on call 24/7 Acme Car Repair Bring your own Parts.

Life is Good!!!

And Now What??? A 475 point AR No way!!!!

The "Original Quail" Henry would be proud! Evergreen A's. Thanks

The future of Model A's or Is this the Next "Bonnie& Clyde"?

Towing is no longer available. Local Model A's Only!  Service Truck  "Sold Jan 2016" Your on your own.!!! RIP Jerry!!!!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Jun 14 All Day
Saturday, Jun 17 at 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Sunday, Jun 18 All Day
Wednesday, Jun 21 All Day

See Calander for upcoming events